From Writhe’s journal:

Took Sweden’s fastest train to Stockholm. I was worried I wouldn’t get on because I might have needed a reservation. I paid for ticket when I got to the train station and they didn’t even come by to check. I could have just gotten on and not paid for anything. Oh well. I couldn’t have known. The trip went by pretty quick. I called D from the station. He was going to work so I called for a hostel and I got a bed at one place. When I got there I had a difficult time getting in. No one answered the door and the elevator wasn’t working. The bed ended up being quite expensive for a hostel. I was able to pick my bed in the room because there wasn’t anyone in it yet. I dropped off my stuff and walked around the city. Went to Gamla Stan (the old part of the city) and found some cool stores and very interesting architecture. I was hoping to run across a few black-clad people and sorta found some, but I didn’t approach them. As I wandered, I kept running into them. I finally approached a group of two girls and a guy. They were from Germany and not very friendly. I ate at an expensive Italian restaurant by myself and devoured what I had ordered even though it wasn’t what I had thought I had ordered. Saw a bunch of goth in a book/gaming store and felt really self conscious about the last incident so I kept to myself. Was supposed to call D again but fell asleep.
Noisy people in the hostel woke me up at 11 and I prepped for bed. Slept til 7:45 and then checked out. Bought a three day card from the train station information booth. Took the tram to my next hostel, a boat. I hope I don’t get sea sick. Dropped my stuff off in the storage room as I couldn’t check in until 1pm. Walked around some places and took more pictures. Saw the changing of the guard at the Royal Castle. Got things situated back at the hostel and walked around even more. Went to the Vasa Museum and got in free at the amusement park. Took the ferry back when it started to rain. My knees got soaked because the of the cut of my raincoat. Currently listening to some CDs.
Called D this afternoon and he told me about a few stores I should check out, which I did. Had to by some new shoelaces for my boots because I had worn through mine after wearing the same pair for almost three months straight. Calling D in an hour to find out if he’s going to Zombie Bar. If not, I’ll go by myself.

D and I went to Zombie Bar last night. We had trouble meeting up – just confusion on where we would meet. He’s not really what I expected, but then again no one is. He was a little spaced out and we missed our stop on the train while we were talking. Then we almost missed the train. We finally made it to the crowded bar which was full of goths. I only met a few and wish I could have met more, maybe if we had gone earlier. P, the DJ invited me to their club tonight. I sat and talked to one guy about different European clubs. The bar closed at 1am and people were already really drunk. D said that P would show me the way back to my hostel. I felt like I was being passed off. So I went with P, but he was drunk and looking for another bar. We find a bar and stay there for a while until I eventually get back to the hostel to sleep. I got his number because he said he would show me the cool places in town today.
I didn’t get seasick last night sleeping. Ate a meager breakfast and am waiting til 12 to call P.