From Writhe’s journal:

After my hair was dyed, the three of us went out to find something to do, on my request because I think they were content with sitting around the apartment. I’m in Europe and I need to go out and explore! The places they wanted to go were closed or C’s girlfriend was too young to get in. We met two girls along the way that were looking for a place to go as well. We settled for a trendy place that had a Rolling Stones cover band downstairs and a lackluster disco upstairs. We alternated going to both floors and outside to get some air and to smoke when they got too hot from dancing to trendy music. We stayed pretty late and ate at a fast food place.
Met E, the DJ from Monochrome and his two friends, but they were acting so weird that I thought they might have been role playing or LARPing or whatever. Took the bus back to C’s place and slept. Woke up around 2:30. Did nothing except get ready for the club and met the two girls from the night before at a café. They dropped me off at the club and I got familiar with the equipment. the Monochrome crew and I ate some meat & potatoes.
The club filled with lots of people that quickly got drunk. they wore nice dresses and shirts. Lots of candles were suspended from the ceiling. There ended up being quite a bit of broken glass. I didn’t get to DJ much and was having kind of an off night, wasn’t really having a good time. I got to thinking that deejaying really wasn’t my thing. Everyone was dancing to tons of stuff that was either well known across the world or stuff I had never heard of before. They went crazy over a track from a local band and I couldn’t really figure out why. It wasn’t that great.
I woke up around 11 the next morning and called the two girls and asked if they wanted to go to an amusement park I had seen. C and his girlfriend wanted to go but couldn’t because they had absolutely no money. Oh, the joys of being a student! I was to meet the girls in the afternoon so I had time to realize that I was starving. I told my two hosts that I needed some food and they kept offering me their last banana. It was sweet, but I needed something more substantial. I finally got them to go with me to get some food. I told them they didn’t have to eat, but I needed to. We hung out for a bit before the 2 girls met us at the park at 2:30. I paid for my entrance and ride tickets. It was OK. The best parts were the haunted hotel and the Elvira-themed stationary roller coaster/film. I went back with them to their apartment and watched a movie. Called C later to come pick me up but he got lost.
Right now we’re trying to figure out how the four of us (his roommate came back) are going to sleep. I get the floor again.
We slept for a while and the went to P’s mother’s house. We met her, chatted, had tea, and watched the cat. I went to an internet café but didn’t receive any important mail. We walked around some small shopping district with old architecture. I bought this awesome leather trech coatfor $50! They told me that I should haggle, so I did and failed so I felt like an ass. I feel really good wearing this coat. It fits well. There were lots of antique stores with furniture and clothing. I think Decay might have gone nuts over some of that stuff… that is if she is into antiques. Damn, I feel bad for not knowing.
We went back to P’s mother’s house and watched her little brother play some video games. Ugh. I really don’t understand the appeal of watching others play video games. We ate Swedish meatballs. I bought some ice cream for everyone and her mom thought it was a cute gesture.
Then we went to a graveyard with J and some other guy. I’ve decided I’m leaving tomorrow to go to Stockholm.