Try to find these people:
(Hint: Some of the figures fit more than one description)
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Belly Dancer, Biker, Blozo the Clown, Corp Goth, Cyber Goth, Drag Queen, Elvira, Famous Person, Fetish Couple, Glowsticks Guy, The Gossipers, Guy Who Got In With An Outside Drink, The Bouncer Who Is Looking For Him, Hipster, Hottie In Latex, Just Kinda Wandered In, Kilted, Know-It-All, Left Watching All The Bags And Drinks, Lily Munster, Lolita, Morticia, Music Critic, My Ex-Girlfriend, Needs A Dancer Belt, Perky Goth, Photographer, Rock-A-Billy, Shirt Off And Sweaty, The Professionals, Trippin’ Balls, Vampire, Victorian Goth
How Many of These People Have Tatoos?
Things to find:
Ahnk, Army/Navy Surplus Bag, Balloon Animal, Bat, Bihawk, Butt Hair, Candle, Cemetery Torch, Chain, Clove Cigarette, Coffin Purse, Drink from Bourbon Street, Eye of Horus, Fruity Drink, Giger Mural, Lost Clothing (2), Mardi Gras Beads, Mohawk (2), Nipple Tape, Parasol, Pentagram, Propaganda Magazine, Sickle, Skulls (10), Snake, Spider, Spider Web, Über Skull, Urn, Winklepickers
From Writhe’s journal:
P wasn’t home so I did my laundry at an expensive laundromat, then called D from the station. Went to his place and hung out with his three cats for a while. Went food shopping, played a lot of Blood Bowl. Went to Zombie Bar again and talked with his girlfriend and another girl. Went to the club Unknown Pleasures. Not many people, but I was kinda drunk so it didn’t matter. Loud music was okay, not great. Bar was very expensive.
Kittens kept waking me up at D’s place. Got up at 11:30 and decided to go out walking again. Went to a few places and got rained on. Walked around the Stockholm Water Festival. Went back to D’s place and felt like I was interrupting him and his girlfriend somehow. We ate some pasta stuff D had made and watched a movie. Then E from Gothenborg came over and I felt like a total foreigner that they didn’t want to have to deal with. I’m only staying because I came her specifically to go out to their club night called Eclipse.
I don’t think I’ll be going to Helsinki.
D, E and I walked menacingly around the Water Festival patrons yesterday. D was almost too lazy or embarrassed to hand out flyers. We saw a bunch of people dressed up as smurfs singing and skipping down the streets. It was surreal. Went back to D’s place to shower and get ready for the club. Quite boring. D left to the club and I went to meet E and S at Zombie Bar. They were with a bunch of drunk, yet receptive friends. We moved into the bar from the outside patio area and played some sort of truth or dare games with booze. Went to Eclipse.
It was okay, the music was pretty good. Talked to a few people and danced. When the club started closing down, I lost D and E. S had gone home already. I wandered to S’s place with some people I didn’t know who offered to help me find my “friends,” but no one was home. Found E and S’s roommate as they were going to a party in the park. I went with them because I didn’t have anywhere else to go. It got really cold. They drank more and we all talked. I made it to the T at around 5:30am when it finally opened and took it to D’s place. Luckily he was home and heard me knocking. Slept until 11:30 or so when I went out and ate some pizza. Did some email at the local cafe and saw that I had a message from Anke.
I got lost going to the train station to get a ticket for tonight to Berlin. There were no sleeper cars left so I had to get a regular ticket.
Went back to D’s place to get my stuff. I left for the train station really early because he was being really boring. Obviously he was doing it on purpose and didn’t want me hanging around any more. In the time I had, I called home and also made a reservation at a hostel in Berlin, the same one I stayed in earlier in my trip.
I’m on a boat somewhere between Sweden and Germany. I was unlucky enough to have to sit next to a family with a constantly screaming kid so I didn’t get much sleep on the train. I tried putting my head on the table that sits between the four seats, but that got quite uncomfortable quite quick. We switched trains at 7am in Mälmo and all the seats next to mine were occupied. I kinda hate assigned seating. I went looking or some open seats and found two that were next to each other. I slept there. The train must have got on the boat right away. I couldn’t tell. I woke up about 45 minutes before we were supposed to reach land. Everything was pretty boring and I got a lot of people staring at me, probably because of the trench coat. I wasted some money on video games to pass the time.