From Writhe’s journal:

I go with B (the Canadian jerk) to the hostel via a very large, 20,000-Leagues-Under-the-Sea-looking S-bahn. Another crazy place. Stairs up and down and passageways and doors. Eight squeaky beds and a TV near the ceiling. Met this 49-year-old History teacher from L.A. named J. Really hip and fun to be around. He says some of his students are goths. The three of us went to eat at what we thought was a cheap nacho place but ended up being an expensive Mexican restaurant. Apparently, the meals get more expensive after 5pm. Later, J and I went wandering to Freetown Christiania after we couldn’t find a club to go to. Dark puddle & pebble stream gypsy caravan type of hippy environment where you can buy tons of hash. J and I kept it normal and just drank a couple of beers we bought from a guy out of a cart. We walked around for a bit and saw some “art.”
Next day I ate breakfast and decided to go on the Hamlet tour. Learned about Danish history. Was disappointed by Kronborg Castle. Got really hungry and J bought us dinner. I bought dessert at a Belgian waffle place where the girl took a fancy to me and gave me extra toppings!

J, B, and I went to get some cider at an Irish pub. B couldn’t get the thick-accented bartender to play the Cranberries or the Pogues. Not much socializing. This morning I checked my email at a free internet café. Found that there was no street performers until 4pm so I walked around the docks. Found myself at Amalienborg Palace just before the changing off the guard. After that I walked down toward the Resistance Museum and found the Gefion Fountain. It’s a neat bronze fountain depicting a Norse goddess riding a chariot pulled by four bulls. I walked back just in time for the changing of the guard. I wanted to go into the museum, but it was closed. Decided to go to the Tycho Brahe Planetarium where I watched an Imax film of the space station MIR. I walked around a lot more.
Back at the hostel I got some info on a second-hand record shop. I went there as well as a bunch of other shops. Ended up with only a comic book, which I read sitting in the plaza watching the trash blow by and a couple of drunken locals literally throw one of the public bicycles around. The computers were full at the internet café. Started back to the plaza and saw that I was being noticed by three typically hot girls. Had no idea what to make of it.
I’m having problems with my toes. I think I want to leave for Oslo tomorrow or something.