From Writhe’s journal:

The organ concert turned out to be more of a service. This Baroque church has three organs and one of them is immense yet not as impressive as in some off the gothic churches where they loom over you. I walked around the business district and found nothing interesting. Took the Ubahn to the docks and went in some cool seaside-themed stores. There were nice drawings of lighthouses on old sea maps. They were too expensive, though.
Went up to David St. and took a side street when I saw a sign for Purgatory. Suddenly, I was approached by an older hooker in a business suit! I politely declined and hurried on my way. I walked for a bit more but didn’t find anything else interesting. Back at the hostel I bought some food, snacked, and hung out in the common room. Went to the movies and saw three short British films. One was called Flat World. Really cool paper animation.
I tried to get a hold of H, but no lock. Went to the bar and had a drink with two guys from the hostel. Got ready for the club. Got lost trying to find it even though it was only two blocks from the hostel.
It was OK. Small dance floor, lots of places to set your drink. I got tipsy and danced only a little bit because I didn’t really know most of the music. It was a mix of goth, industrial, and pop. The patrons seemed OK, more dressed up than on Wednesday. Again, not many people with make up. I ended up leaving at 3am.
I woke up early and went to the mega music store downtown and bought a Club Hits disc. It sounded pretty good when I pre-listened to it, but once I got it back to listen all the way through, it wasn’t that great. Went to the train station and found the next one was at 1:37pm so I had to wait. Did a lot of people watching. Tired.
The train was really nice. Almost too nice. Too many people. Talked to an English woman, a Dutch girl, and a Canadian jerk that I thought was going to stay in Hamburg. We stay at the same hostel. Ugh.
I’m on a ferry now and getting sea sick.