From Writhe’s journal:

It was easy to find the hostel in Hamburg. I ended up with a swanky room with four beds and no roommates. I walk around town a bit and got some food at one of the many Turkish places that seem to litter the city. It was some sort of chicken kebab with salad and bread. I see a bunch of record shops but they’re all closed as it is pretty late. I find out where one club is and I go back to the hostel to get ready to go out for the night. I walk there and find that it’s at the beginning of the porn district downtown sorta. The club itself is pretty cool with lots of horizontal and vertical pipe holding up places to put your drink while you sit or stand around. The music was OK, a mix of EBM, goth, and industrial. They played a decent amount of goth to keep some of the patrons happy. I wanted to dance to some of it, but I was having a bad time. I think I was just tired. No one really dressed up that much for this night, probably because it’s not a weekend night. There are an exceptional amount of girls here with bright red hair.
I left during a set of techno and Tool and walk back to the hostel. I see that I now have one roommate. I wake up early and have breakfast downstairs and also pay for another night. I went to the music stores I saw last night and don’t find anything interesting except flyers for the club night happening this Friday. I even went to the mega music store downtown and didn’t find crap. I tried to find a grocery store and failed, and ended up eating at another Turkish place. Ate a doner with fries and salad. The fries were surprisingly good! I went back to the hostel and took a nap. I woke up and found that I had three new roommates to talk to. I hung out with one of them.
We walked to the main drag and back. Went to a bar down the street, had some beers, and went to a B movie theater where we saw a black & white Japanese movie subtitled in German. “Between Heaven and Hell” I think it was called. The next day I paid for yet another night and then went to St. Michael’s church where I am at right now waiting for the organ concert to start at noon.