From Writhe’s journal:

I brought my laundry back to the hostel to find that I had three new roommates, two girls and a guy that came from Berlin and were very tired. I talk with them for a bit before they all pass out, then I leave to walk around town. I try the Anne Frank house first, but it’s got a huge line and it’s starting to drizzle. I decide to go to the Torture Museum and the Sex Museum.
The Torture Museum is quite sparse and dark yet it had different displays than other similar museums, like the Wheel and the Neck Violin. The Sex Museum wasn’t all that spectacular but it was all presented with a bit of professionalism. Then I ate at Pizza Hut as I was dying for some. I made it to a cool music store and wrote down a few addresses. I met a goth from Amsterdam who went to the counter and gave me two flyers for parties this weekend in Amsterdam. Too bad I’m not staying that long. Maybe I’ll hit them up on my way back. I got tired of walking around and went back to the hostel around 3 or 3:30 and laid down for 15-20 minutes before everyone woke up. We hang out for a bit and finally get a group together to go out.
First stop is the train station to wait for one girl to get her Western Union money. Then we go to Dirty Nelly’s for a cider. Then we walk through the Red Light District like the tourists we are. Everyone in the group decides that since we’re in Amsterdam, we need to partake in what the city has to offer. We each chip in some money and elect two willing souls to go to the cafe to make a purchase for our group. They come back With much more than any of us can handle. It seems like we had no idea how much any of it would cost. We agree to go back to the hostel and chill out for the rest of the evening. I went to bed soon after while listening to some of my new music. I don’t think I had slept that well in a hostel in a long time.
Now I’m on a train to Cologne again. I was going to wait for a train straight to Hamburg but it left at 1:31pm so I’m going to get a train out of Cologne. It’s easier that way. I had to buy an expensive phone card to make a call for a reservation in Hamburg. Now it still has a bit of money left on it and I’m wondering if I can sell it when I get to Hamburg to some other backpacker. Oh, there was this guy in the train station that came up to me and said, “Excuse me. I don’t want any money, but can you buy me something to eat at this stand?” He looked kinda hungry so I went to offer him some of my bread that I had bought for the trip. As I was opening it, he huffed and walked off as if I caught on to his scam. So I called after him, “Well fuck you then, you ungrateful bastard!”
I waited at the train station in Cologne for the next train to Hamburg. Took pictures of the street performers. As I was getting on the train, a goth from Boston was getting stepping off. We recognized each other by our Bauhaus t-shirts. We stopped to talk for a minute and since he was on his way to Amsterdam I gave him the flyers I got for the parties this weekend and gave him the phone card in case he needed to use it. I think his name started with J.