From Writhe’s journal:

Woke up and decided to give the city one more chance. Refused to go to the Modern Art Museum with the asshole Canadian. Found another used record shop that the desk guy told me about at the hostel, but it sucked. Didn’t have anything remotely in what I was looking for. Looked at a map for a while. Some bike messenger stopped at the building by me and he had this really cool mark on his calf. It looked like a tattoo or a smudge mark from his bicycle chain. I should have asked him if I could take a picture.
Finally got to go into the Resistance Museum. Wasn’t that exciting. I should have went on a guided tour instead of going on my own. Luckily, things were written in English too. Then I went to a graveyard which was more of a garden. Took an uneventful walk through the park. Now I’m people watching. Wish I had some goth contacts here.

Yesterday I did almost nothing but eat and sleep and walk around a bit more. I visited one music store and the girl behind the counter was playing Lacrimosa. I watched more street performers. At the hostel, I was told to move twice because I was sitting in a place I shouldn’t have been, which was on the end of a concrete flower box and on a set of stairs. After that I got pissed off and went to the Irish pub again for another cider. Started talking with some English people about goths and graveyards and how in England they dig up people that died from The Plague and accidentally disturb the bacteria that caused it.
Right now I’m on a 10 hour train ride to Norway.

I talked briefly with two older Norwegian guys on the train. They were trying to be very helpful by telling me where I should visit while I’m here. None of what they were telling me sounded very interesting and they kind of gave off this creepy vibe. I avoided looking a them for the rest of the train ride even though I was sitting next to one of them. After we crosses the Norwegian border, a durg dog sniffed through my bag. The border officers picked the two guys that I spoke with to search through their bags. One guy got off at one stop before the other one. The second guy came up to me and talked to me for 10 minutes before disembarking in Oslo. He gave me his phone number and told me not to hesitate to call if I needed someone to show me around. He showed me the correct direction to my hostel. I couldn’t tell if he was just really nice, gay and hitting on me, both, or just a creepy bloke.
The hostel had 6 beds, a shower, toilet, and a kitchen. Card keys. Boring roommates. Woke up early and went nuts on town. Lots of music stores. Did some business at the email cafe. Went to the Munch Museum, Viking Ship Museum, Norwegian Folk Museum, then looked for something to eat. Met goth girl in the park, V. Hung out with her and she showed me where all the cool stores were, unfortunately the were all closed as I spent most of the day in the museums. I’ll go tomorrow. Ate at a cafe with V and had some fun conversation. We were approached by a gay man from Portugal that complained about the queue in the cafe. V and I went to get ice cream. Saw people giving massages in the park and a bunch of stupid drummers. Walked more and dropped her off at the train station. Called T (goth guy I met over the internet), no answer. I must call him tomorrow to find out what we’re supposed to be doing. I should have asked him in email if he knew of anyone that had extra floor space so I don’t have to spend any more money on the hostel.