From Writhe’s journal:

I made reservations at a hostel in Salzburg for tomorrow. I’m a little ahead of schedule but that means more time in Vienna and Prague… I forgot to mention that, before I got back on the bus to the castles (Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau), I was travelling with a disgruntled tour guide from there who reminded me of that woman in Woody Woodpecker – the environmental one… (yeah, complete non sequitur there. Sorry.)
Just now I got caught in a downpour and I think I’m going to start coughing again. Getting sick during vacation/travel is NOT fun. The rain let up a bit and I walked to this house, the one where I’m staying, and there were these three soaked girls with backpacks. I asked them if they needed some place to stay – they said everything was booked. I ended up giving them the portion of the Rick Steeves Let’s Go! book that I didn’t need anymore.
I bought some groceries before getting on the bus to the castles and ate some sandwiches when I got there. I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of lunch meat I bought when I was at the grocery store. I -thought- it was chicken from the word on the label. Turns out I was right. Hooray for my foreign language skills.
I just ate some pizza and a coke at Pizza Blitz down the street for pretty cheap. Shrimp, pineapple, cheese, sauce and pepperoni, I think. I watched some music videos in their three table “dining room.”
I’m going to use my Swiss Army knife (that I bought in Switzerland) to cut my hair now. I definitely need it.