From Writhe’s journal:

I’m waiting for the bus back to the Fussen Bahnhof. I just visited the Neuschwanstein area where I saw both castles and the bridge. This was the castle that Walt Disney used as inspiration for his wonderland castle. It was all really fucking spectacular. Every door was different, every room had a unique mural painted on the walls of some Wagner opera or another, everything was just so fucking ornate and not in a gaudy way like all that Rococco stuff. I wish I could have taken photos, but they didn’t allow any. Well, I snuck one in the yellow castle of some metal object in a plexiglas display case. I don’t know what it was because I took the German-speaking tour. I didn’t want to wait for more English-speaking people to show up. That’s OK, I understood some of it. Neuschwanstein was full of secret doors and shit, but it was a rushed tour. I could have spent hours and hours wandering those halls and exploring everything.
I ended up getting a room in some “creepy” B&B for a few more bucks that I would have spent at a hostel. the Rick Steeve’s book said that they give you an Addams Family” type of welcome, and that’s why I booked a room there. It is kinda weird and the floors creek a lot. I’ll find out what the stay is like tonight.