From Writhe’s journal:

I’m on a train headed toward Füssen. I tried calling last night for a room at the Youth Hostel in Füssen or Berchtesgaden, but neither had one. I didn’t know which way I was going to go so when I arrived at the train station, I took the earliest train to either one. –I forgot to mention that we talked to a 92-year-old guy named Julius in the Hofbräuhaus who was as drunk as we were. He lived in Munich during WWII. Thinking back on this, I wish I would have been able to talk with him further.
The three guys I was hanging out with and I ate dinner at the Lowenbrau Garten with this girl we met named A. She and I had pizza while the other guys ate gulash and sausages. It was all pretty good. Then we all watched the first half of a soccer game.
The beds at the hostel were really creaky and I kept waking up thinking that people were trying to stack the beds on top of each other. It was not a restful night.