From Writhe’s journal:

I knew the first thing I was going to write was that I fucked up my hair. I was staying at the Addams Family-style B&B in a room on the top floor. It had a tiny window that let in a little light and an overheard light that didn’t work. I used the tiny scissors from my new Swiss army knife and my shaving razor. It was a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be. I tend to cut my own hair on a regular basis, but I usually have electric clippers, ample light and a triple mirror. I couldn’t see the back of my head, but I figured that since I had done it so many times I would be able to do it with my eyes closed (or just no mirrors). I was very wrong.
It took about 2 hours and I was very tired at the end. Now I have small tufts at my hairline at the back of my head. I took out a huge chunk of long hair – I don’t know from where. I think I’ll ask if someone will be kind enough to help me at a later time.
Some woman just came by on the train and handed me this card that said she was deaf and needed some money. Apparently, if you give her money, you’ll be able to keep the Minnie Mouse pin that was attached to the card. I didn’t give her any money.
I woke up this morning in the Addams Family-style B&B and it was kinda cold out (like mornings usually are) and I decide not to go to Reutte to “hang glide.” I go down these very creaky, narrow wooden stairs past a huge and scary crucifix on the wall and have a seat in the dining room for breakfast. I was told by the host to sit at the same table as an older Norwegian man. The room was somewhat crowded, just enough so that no one was sitting at one of the tables by themselves. I was served tea and two rolls with jam by the old woman who runs the place. She was rather large rather ugly, and had a very visible mustache. She had just recently dyed her hair a deep black. She was very nice and could speak English and Japanese. The dining room was kind of creepy with a strange light fixture of a maiden, fish tail, and deer antlers. There were a lot more religious things around. I was glad I stayed there, even though all the religious stuff made me uneasy.
So I eat, go back up to my room, and leave after cleaning off most of the sink from hair. I don’t think they’ll be too pleased to find all the wet clumps of hair in their garbage can, but what can you do?
I check to see when the bus or train leaves for Innsbruck. I have some difficulties with an ATM and end up having to call around a lot of places including back home to Sven to get my account number. I’m glad to hear things are going well back in New Orleans. It was nice to hear that they missed me. I finally get some cash back from a grocery store and wait for the bus. I get on and tell the driver “Innsbruck.” He charges me my fair and I have a seat. It’s a local bus that goes through the beautiful countryside. I enjoyed myself for a while, but the bus stopped too frequently and I got bored and fell asleep.
By the time I wake up, I really have to piss. We get into Innsbruck after noon and I check the train schedule. If the bus hadn’t taken so freaking long I was going to go to the castle. Not enough time. I got on one of the only trains left going to Salzburg.
While we were travelling over the charming countryside, I never thought that the clouds were so close to the ground. I’d love to hike up on of those mountains and be inside a cloud. Maybe some other time.