From Writhe’s journal:

The Alps next to Lake Geneva were beautiful. Too bad I was on the other side of the train and couldn’t see them very well. At least the train has really large widows. It was kinda strange going through Switzerland where the speak three languages. the announcements on the train were in French, German, and English to German, French, English. Some times they didn’t even speak in English. It’s OK as I am understanding more now that it’s in German. I just finished off the black cherry jelly and loaf of bread I bought back in France. I saved the buns for feeding the birds. Now there’s more room in my bag and it weighs less. I just pissed in the WC and the flush mechanism was on the floor. I stepped on it and the trap door opened directly onto the tracks! I stepped on it again just to see the tracks. I saw them rushing by and wonder how much shit there is splattered all along them. Weird.