From Writhe’s journal:

I’m on my way to Zurich. I was supposed to have a companion that I met at the hostel last night, but I think she missed the train. I had fun socializing while doing laundry last night. Got some hostel information for where I pla to end up tonight. Yesterday when I was riding the bike I almost ran into a tree. I wiped out when I tried to get back on the sidewalk. All I got was a scrape on my forearm. They have parks with bicycle and skate ramps. There was one right by the hostel, but an even bigger one downtown. Guess it’s a good way to keep skaters off the monuments. Sent mail today and bought a Swiss Army knife with a pair of scissors. I’m carrying a lot of food for the trip. Feeding the birds. A few eat out of my hands. Time to watch the scenery.