From Writhe’s journal:

Well, I decided to stop in Geneva. I got off the train and went through a short line to show my passport. They just glanced at it wand waved me on. The tourist info was open, luckily, so I went in and found a map and location of the Youth Hostel. I found it easily and they had rooms. I went to get some cash and took out way too much. oh well. I paid for my bed and dropped off my stuff in the room. I was starving. Back in Lyon, I ate what was left in my bag and chewed on my nails until the line had gone down. Just my luck they had just run out of what I wanted to get. That’s what I get for waiting. I transferred trains and had to sit in the door section between cars because the train was packed. It turned out to be fine because I got to stare directly out the window most of the time. Beautiful cliffs and trees!…
So I looked around teh lobby of the hostel for info and saw that the grocery store was going to close in 20 minutes, so I put on my raincoat and jogged/walked there. I bought a few things, and some fantastic black cherry jelly, and brought it back to the hotel to find that the cafeteria had just opened… I wasn’t about to suffer with the food I had just bought and I had a lot of cash in my pocket so I sprung for a nice dinner. I ate everything. Some mixed greens, some kind of meat in an orange/brown sauce, something else and chocolate mousse, lots of bread. Then the rain stopped and I went to the lake because it was still light out. Went back watched some sports on the TV with the rest of the backpackers. I think it was US vs. Germany. Then went out to find a “popular” bar. It was dead so I went back and went to bed. Woke up after a couple of dreams and got a meager breakfast (hot milk and corn flakes) which was included in the price of the bed. Went out and rented a bike for the day. Gave them my passport ID# and a cash deposit which was refunded after I returned the bike. Basically it was free! I travelled all over town. Cool architecture. There was a park with old men playing large chess. I played a few and lost them all. I was going to take a siesta at the hostel but it was closed so I went back to the park with the chess and stayed there until it was dinner time. I dropped off the bike and walked back to the hostel. Ate a dinner of chicken with mushroom curry, rice and greens. Took shower and now I’m waiting 2 hours for my laundry to get done.
I tried calling my distant relative in Heidelberg, but his phone number doesn’t work. maybe I’m dialing it wrong or there is something weird about international phone calls.