From Writhe’s journal:

I went on a tour yesterday that left from my hostel at 9 in the morning. It took a long time as it was a walking tour, but I saw some great things and heard a bunch of interesting history. We stopped at a graveyard where 50 “famous” people are buried. They are all supposedly famous in their fields, but I hadn’t heard of any of the ones the tour guide mentioned. We (6 people total in the group) saw how the communists neglected everything behind the Wall. Went to the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears) and saw a section of the Wall. It was a checkpoint between East and West. Saw major construction of new downtown, Goebbels’ bunker, Hitler’s bunker, the Topography of Terror exhibit, Checkpoint Charlie, Hitler’s buildings and offices (from the outside), Brandenburg Gate, the site of the book burning, German Parliament building, and the subway station that has Hitler’s marble tiles. After the tour, the guide left and the rest of us ate very cheap food at a cafeteria then split up. I went with this guy to the “info box,” which is right next to the construction and tried to check email. I failed. He suggested that we go find the cathedral, but we gave up after we kinda got lost. I went back to the hostel and went shopping. I found some gothic shops and a music store and bought a few CDs. I was confused because you can rent some CDs and buy others.
I continued to walk down a street with several cafes, but didn’t go in any to relax. I ate fast food again, which kind of upsets me. I should be eating better. I went back to the hostel and hung out with a few people and asked if anyone wanted to go to dinner tomorrow. There might be a few people. I guess you can say I’m waiting for them now. I don’t think anyone is going to show up. It’s easy to make travelling buddies, but not real friends.
I asked the tour guide this morning (he cae back to do another tour) if he could draw a map of where we went yesterday so I can go back and take more pictures. I stopped at the post office today and mailed out a bunch of stuff, CDs and what not. I went to the longest remaining section of the Wall along the river and took pictures and a small piece of the Wall.