From Writhe’s journal:

I arrive in Berlin and sell a couple of the guys I met on the train a German phone card so they can find a place to stay. Then I head out into the big city to find my hostel. I take the subway system to the right neighborhood and end up walking down a street the wrong way. I finally find it in a building that is heavily under repairs. It’s through a parking lot that has a lot of construction damage. I drop off my stuff after getting a bed and go out to find something to eat as I am extremely hungry. I attempted finding something at the grocery store, but that didn’t work out like I needed it to so I opted for fast food.
I got tons of info on the city when I checked in and I pour over it while I’m eating. I try to find the location of Duncker on the map, but something is a little screwy. I try to call Anke even though I’m a day or two earlier than she expected me, but I only get the answering machine. I leave a message telling her that I have arrived, where I’m staying, and that I’m going to try to make it out to the club tonight. I hang out with people at the hostel for a while then get dressed for the club.
I get to the correct street (everything in Berlin is under construction), but I don’t know the exact address (perhaps 16?) I figure I would see some black clad people and hear some music when I got close. Yeah, I had hoped that would happen. All I found was a darkened doorway. No door guy or loud music or anything. Fuck. I head back to the Ubahn station because I saw a girl there that looked like she was headed to the club, but she was gone. I go back to street level and catch up with a different girl that is most definitely going. She’s dressed to the nines. She hardly speaks English, but we communicate OK. The club is further down the road. It doesn’t cost that much to get in and the music is a good blend of goth, industrial, and some avant garde shit, which is strange. Some people are really dressed up while others just have t-shirts and docs. None of them are too flashy. Two people I see used a LOT of hairspray. Everyone dances different here, better than a lot of people in London. There are some normal people here off the street, but they seem to fit in OK and no one seems upset about it. The dance floor is small. There is an area outside where people are sitting at tables and chatting. There are streamer-type things and a huge upside-down cross with a jawbone of some animal hanging from the ceiling.
I try to get a cider or a mixed radler or something at the bar that I can stomach, but have to opt opt for a Pilsner. Yuck. I dance to one song because there was room.
I get back to my hostel late. I tried to get up early today to go shopping, but it started to rain so I went back to sleep. I did pick up a few fliers for some other stores at a second-hand shop and am going to go look for them now.