From Writhe’s journal:

I walked around Bristol yesterday with A, a guy who is temporarily moving into W’s house. We went to a few shops, record stores, clothing shops… I bought some music for cheap. We went into another store called Elric’s which sold a lot of gothic things. Talked to an older Hispanic man who was behind the counter and he said that he knew I was coming when I said that I was a DJ from New Orleans. Word gets around it seems. Getting on the train now…

We ate at a “greasy spoon” which is a sort of restaurant with good food and atmosphere but isn’t very clean. We ate sausage, beans, and chips. Then we went back to the house and ate some vegetarian thing at W’s then went out to the pub. It didn’t seem like the stereotypical English pub but it had an OK selection on the jukebox. Tonight I think people are taking me to a fetish night called Dom-X and then Thursday we’re going to the club. I forget what it’s called. I leave Friday for Paris. W is arranging accommodations for me while I am there, some sort of friend of a friend thing. I’m drinking this disgusting drink called Lilt which is a mango/mandarin carbonated mix by Coke. Yuck.

Slang here is rather difficult to follow especially when language isn’t an easy thing for me. Loo = bathroom/toilet, pissed = drunk, bullocks = balls, shirty = uppity, shirt-lifter = gay… there are too many more that I can’t remember.

I keep thinking about Anke. I keep telling people that I’m eventually going to make it to Berlin to see her and I’m getting more excited about it as the days progress. Although, I’m afraid that either things aren’t going to work out, or even that she won’t even be there to meet me. It’s hard to get a hold of her, but we have definite plans to meet on a certain day in a certain place. Ah, that’s just me thinking about the worst again. I tend to do that. I worry too much. I think that if it doesn’t work out, I can just travel around here a bit more and then head back to New Orleans… and maybe make up with Decay. Ugh. Every time I think about my last conversation with her I want to punch myself. I am such a jerk and don’t know shit. All I can hope for right now is that everything will work out with Anke.