From Writhe’s journal:

Just finished speaking with the Immigration people at the border in England. I kinda knew what they were going to ask me from the first time getting into the country, so I knew how to answer. The Channel was completely uneventful, didn’t even know I went in it until I saw that it had been dark for 5 minutes. Thought I was going to sleep, but I couldn’t. Kinda bored and tired of eating bread and water.

I called P and J from Waterloo station and they told me to come right over. I had mentioned to them that I would be back at some point and to expect me, so they were happy to hear from me and to find out I was okay. I took the tube. During my whole trip to their house I had tons of images of the past three months flash through my mind. I was so happy that it was a tough thing to keep the smile off my face. I got into their house and all I could say was “Hi!” with a great big grin. We talked about nothing in particular and watched some TV. The next day I was set loose on London. I dropped the boots I purchased when I first arrived back at the shop to be repaired and was supposed to pick them up the next day, I shopped in Camden Town and Kensington Market. I thought I would have bought more stuff at Black Rose, but they didn’t really have anything I wanted or anything that really fit. I went into a mega record store and picked up a magazine. In it I saw an ad for Resurrection Records down the street so I went there and bought some music. Went back to the house, hung out and watched some more TV. The next day it took a long time for the three of us to leave the house. Went to pick up my boots, but they weren’t ready. Told me to come back at 4. We went to some appliance store and took the bus back to the house, plus a 15 minute walk. By the time we got to the house I had to leave to pick up my boots and J and P went to their friend’s house in Wimbledon. My boots still weren’t ready so I had the guy give me a new pair instead. Got back and got ready for the show.
Arrived at the venue and started drinking cider. Saw five bands that most people in the States wouldn’t have even heard about yet or ever get a chance to see. It was a good club for shows, nice layout and sound system. Got drunk and talked to a girl from Finland and her new acquaintances. Stumbled in a drunken stupor to Slimelight and had some girl I didn’t know sign me in. Danced and drank the ciders I had in my pocket. Got tired and ended up wandering somewhere. Took a pirate cab back to Highgate. Woke up with a bad hangover. Stayed on the couch for a long time. Finally decided to go to the show again as it was a two day event. Got a lot of promo stuff and t-shirts from the various bands and promoters. I told them I was a DJ back in the States and was looking for new stuff to unleash on the masses. They were all very happy to get some promotion across the pond. I talked to a LOT of people but didn’t drink anything at all. Got back to the house and watched some more TV with P and J.
The next day they took me to Highgate Cemetery and I took a ton of photos. We walked around Camden and ended up in a pub for a few drinks.
I woke up late this morning and packed all my things. Said goodbye to my gracious hosts and found my way to the airport. I arrived late and most of the flights back to the States had departed. I was able to get on one headed to Washington DC. They upgraded me at the last minute to First Class and now I’m eating Filet Mignon and Chocolate Mousse.