From Writhe’s journal:

There was absolutely fantastic scenery on the way here. I think all my pictures are going to turn out blurry because the train was going pretty fast. It was really hot in the train section because this ONE asshole didn’t want to keep the windows open because it was too noisy. I was in the WC and reached up to open the window because it was just too hot, and I accidentally pissed on myself. I got my shirt and pants and shoes wet, but not too bad.
I was thinking of asking if I could go up front in the engine to see more scenery because we were going through wooden shack things and mountain tunnels, etc. Got into the station and passed this girl holding a sign for the HI hostel. I had a reservation for the YMCA. I called and got directions for my own hostel that I had reserved, got lost, got help from a young punk girl. Finally found it and the receptionist was the girl I had passed in the train station. I’m a dumbass.
Nice weather. Went out and walked around a bit looking for food. Got a burger and fries at the docks. Beautiful city. Called home and talked to Boo for a bit. She assured me that Mao was okay, but totally missing his daddy. I woke up early this morning and put my clothes in the wash here at the hostel. I slept for an hour and woke up to put the clothes in the dryer, then took a shower. Went walking around again. Found a gaming store that had almost everything you could think of in stock, and a record store which was decent. Took a lot of pictures. Went to the Rozencrantz Tower and Håkon’s Hall. Spectacular! Went in old neighborhood along the docks. Ate some food that I bought in the grocery store by the same docks as last night. Fed birds. I think I’m going to stay one more day. Going to call some people I met on the internet. Want to play the piano here in the hostel. I read this place had a sauna, but don’t see it.

Got a hold of B, my contact here in Bergen while he was eating. He came and picked me up at the hostel. We went to a bar and met his girlfriend and roommate. Had some beers. Went to another place to look for L. Went to Garage and talked with two other guys, one was a drummer. Went to L’s apartment and looked through a bunch of CDs. The three of us (B, L, and I) went to yet another bar and met two more guys. Sat and drank and watched them roll cigarette after cigarette. B is 30 and is one of 6 or 7 people that run a club night here. L is a red-faced, thin-eyed, thick-necked guy who says he’s a poor millionaire. Went to B’s apartment and listened to music. Wrote down a bunch of band names so I can look it up when I get back to Achtung Records.
Back at the hostel at 2am and slept til 9:30, feeling shitty. Checked out in the morning. Couldn’t remember B’s address, but know the street. Dropped off bag at the train station and went to the Leprosy Museum on a whim. Got sick to my stomach. Went to the music store and book store that everyone told me about. Cheap music but didn’t buy any because my bag is getting full. Bought a Danish comic book instead. Did some more internet stuff, still no word from Anke. Wandered around, sat in the park and was going to wait until 4 to call B again, but his roommate found me so now I’m back at the apartment just in time for B to get home from work.

Waking up early to catch the train sucks. After hanging out for a while and going to the train station to pick up my bag (and almost calling Anke), B and I ate at a pizza place across the street. We were going to see a movie but he decided against it while we were there. Instead, we went to the University radio station and recorded about an hour of my DJ set so that he could play it later on one of his shows. We came back to his apartment and watched some American TV with Norwegian subtitles.