From Writhe’s journal:

On the train to Amsterdam. Last night I got back to the hostel and walked to the CD store in the rain only to find that it was closed due to it being Sunday. So I put on my rain coat and walked back. Fell asleep listening to my CDs. Woke up and went to the bar to get something to eat. Got a very colorful “American” pizza which was almost too spicy hot. I sat at the bar for a while until this one girl sat next to me (the one that invited me to go see the fireworks with the group). We talked for a long time and then found a good table for her friends so that we could watch some sports thing when they got back from their bike ride. We all sat and drank and told jokes and riddles and ate a Belgian waffle together and watched the game through the bartender’s head. I knew which team was going to win but didn’t make any bets. I called home to New Orleans, but no one picked up. They all must be working, or out or something. Went to bed.
Got woken up by a bunch of loud people. Got up early and walked all the way to the train station. Switched trains at Brussels, went to Antwerp. Now the train is going the opposite direction and I hope that we’re still going to Amsterdam.
Oh, someone on the train really stinks. Like acid feet stink. It’s fucking disgusting. There was this old guy that wanted the seat next to me, so I got up and was going to let him in, but apparently he wanted to sit on the aisle because he just huffed and left. How the fuck was I supposed to know he wanted to sit EXACTLY where I was sitting?