From Writhe’s journal:

A park in Prague, somewhere near the river. “So” means Saturday on their calendars here, so that means the laundry is closed. I go to a different traveler’s hostel because it says in the guidebook that they have laundry service. I get there and they tell me that the would get the clean clothes back tomorrow. I don’t want to wait. so the girl tells me that there is a cafe that does laundry as well. I get there and they don’t open until 14:00. Damn. I decide to wait until then to bring my laundry. In the meantime, I walk around some more and see the city.
I decide not to buy the $52 marionette for Decay. It’s not that it’s too much because I would use my own money, it’s because I don’t know how I stand with her. Ah man, I really fucked that up. She probably totally hates me right now. She’s probably found someone else already or is having a great time dating around… while I… what? I’m on another continent chasing after some other girl. I’m such an asshole.
I stop at a grocery store to buy some cheap food and some really cheap batteries. I love Duracell. I go back to the hostel and look in my book for the post. And I find a laundromat that’s open on Sunday. I gather my things and hope that it’s not closed or crowded while taking the Metro. I get there and it’s American-style with people who work there instead of just machines.
I get my laundry done while sitting barefoot watching CNN on the TV. I take the Metro back trying not to get sweaty in my clean clothes. I stop in Little Caesar’s and get 1/2 a pizza and a coke for $3.50 and use my small change to buy an ice cream for about $.50.
Back at the hostel I try calling Anke in Berlin, but she doesn’t answer. I leave a message. I’m getting kind of worried now. I made this trip all the way out here and I’m not getting much of a response from her. I hate this kind of behavior. It’s just like all the letters I sent and not getting anything back. But at the last possible moment, I get the ONE letter I was hoping for and i drop everything just to come out here. Am I that desperate? Am I that much of a love-sick fool? What the hell are my priorities?
Instead of being stuck without a place to stay while I’m there, I make arrangements at a hostel. The first place I call has a bed! Yeah!
I’m still sitting in a park that has a lot of punks and maybe a few goths sitting around in the summer heat. I should go say hello to them, just to see if there is anything cool that I missed while I was here and spending hours trying to get my laundry done. I’m going on a “tour” at 19:30 some place neat so I’ll wait here for a bit…
I am approached three times – once for cigarettes. I give two girls a couple of cloves. Second time was just for the time, third was just for a light. I was happy to provide them all and not look like too much of a tourist.