From Writhe’s journal:

I’m on my way to Paris again, stopping and switching trains in Lyon so that I can make it to Geneva, Switzerland. I had an exceptionally nice stay in Avignon with M and her parents. Yesterday M and I went to Roussillon and Gordes, two “typical” old southern French towns. It was nice to see that people in Roussilon had a good sense of aesthetics with color coordination. One of the artists in town took photos of doorways and had a large poster that I would have bought if it wasn’t framed or cost so much. Most of the houses had a red or orange tint to them because of the color of the land on which they were built.

Man, I wish I wouldn’t have chosen a smoking car on the train. Blech.
M’s mother gave me some medication which seems to be working. I just have to remember to take it. Last night I watched Mission:Impossible in French after dinner and a shower. Dinner was lamb and sausages on the grill and potatoes with green beans and garlic, then cheese again and wine then melon. I showed my pictures and artwork. M’s brother has a friend that works in Paris at a studio for that stuff of some sort…
I was told about French culture and how it’s better because the French look at everyone else and study them and then make themselves better while other countries just say “We’re the best!” and that’s it. Americans steal ideas from everywhere else and call it their own while France gives credit.

You would think it would cease to amaze me at how fucking stupid I am. I got on the train for Paris-Lyon Station not the train stopping in Lyon. I went all the way back to Paris (on a really fast train) and had to switch to go back to Lyon, which I almost missed. Now I am extremely hungry and there is a huge fucking line at the bar. FUCK!